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Fun props to empower your creative brain

Perfect for entrepreneurs, clients, baby boomers, parents and grandparents.


Here's a small sampling  of the 5-7 props included in each box. Every month is a surprise! Check out some of the products here: Glee gum  Tazo chocolate

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 $19.99/ month


12 Months*


Free Shipping



1 Month only


Free Shipping



1 Month only

PLUS a signed copy of my Best-selling book

"Idea to Invention"


Free Shipping

  • Each box contains 5-7 hand-picked products that will help nourish your mind, body, and/or spirit, which is the secret to reaching all goals. Everything is connected.

  • These items will help you focus, meditate, redirect, energize, solve problems, and break negative thoughts.  All of these actions are needed to attain goals successfully.  These hit on the Success Traits I identify in my best-selling book: Idea to Invention.

  • Whenever I reach a block or feel defeated and unable to figure out my next step, I use props like these to help switch off my frustration by distracting myself -because I know that this allows my brain to become a fresh container for new ideas and solutions.

  • This has worked for me over and over again. Looking back on my career, I've always had these type of props on my desk and shelves, not knowing exactly how or why they have helped me. Now that I know the science behind it,  I want to share this with you. Stop trying so hard, take a break, use these props and answers will come to you.


*12 month plan will automatically renew. You may cancel at any time. Sales tax applies to MA.

SuccessBox ships to the contiguous 48 states.

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