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My Mission: I am so excited to coach and empower people to turn their ideas into inventions in the most timely,  cost-effective and personal way --based on my 24 years of experience.  


For customized personal coaching I am pleased to offer two options:



Phone or Skype me with your questions.

 Convenient pay per minute below. Click one and write the day and time you wish to chat (on your order.)  Please schedule your appointment at least one business day after your purchase. I will immediately confirm or request a change if I am already scheduled. Don't worry - I'm very flexible.


           15 min. $65                                          30 min. $120                                            1 hour $200                                      










Convenient 30 day programs.

Buy as you need, rather than a long daunting and unecessary commitment. 

You will get weekly personal coaching, lifetime access to video tutorials, and a copy of my book, Idea to Invention to qualified inventors, worldwide.  I will teach you how to do most of the work yourself, saving you time and money.  Convenient payment options are below.  



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My program covers:

Licensing your idea to an existing company or bringing it to market yourself - both paths are covered in great detail in an easy to follow manner, both visually (videos)  and written (book). It also covers how to sharpen certain traits for success, use social media, and ways to stay positive.


My program includes...

  • COACHING  - I will personally help you through the invention process.  From sell sheets, prototypes and demo videos, to pitching, cold calling and how to find potential licensees and store buyers. How to protect your idea, the Six I.N.V.E.N.T. Traits for Success, social media, whatever is appropriate for your individual journey. I will "hold your hand" and walk you through it.

  • PRODUCT EVALUATION/GUIDANCE FOR CHOOSING YOUR PATH -  I will help you determine whether you should try to license or build a business around your idea, or both. 

  • A REVIEW OF YOUR CONTRACT -  I will review your license agreement and explain terms such as minimum guarantees, royalty rates, and more to make sure you understand and get the best deal possible, prior to having an attorney review it. This saves a lot of money because it cuts down the attorney's fees. 


  • BONUS BOOK - Idea to Invention: What You Need to Know to Cash In on Your Inspiration. This book will be your best friend. I wrote it based on my 24 years of my inventing career. In it, I break  down the invention process into Six Simple Steps. Get the step by step instructions you need to start working on your project instantly. Over 250 pages full of information, side bars, quizzes, and references. It's been described as a fertile hybrid of how-to handbook, self-help manual, and motivational inspiration. It has received great reviews and is selling well as a paperback, audio, and ebook. Take a look here.  If you already own a copy, please pass this new copy on to a friend or family member or donate it to a library or school.


  • BONUS video tutorials -  This program consists of 23+ step-by-step video tutorials to accompany your new book because I realize many inventors (like me) are visual learners.  Once enrolled,  you will have lifetime access to these valuable videos and class lessons. Watch them over and over, anytime you want. 


Here is a complete list of what the program includes...

  • Personal Coaching  - weekly Q&A coaching sessions. Get your questions answered via a 30 minute call each week, if/when needed.  International students may choose to use Skype.  Also includes up to 3 follow up emails of 30 words or less, pertaining to each call  - in  case you need them. 

  • Product Evaluation  I will help you determine if you should seek out a licensee, build your own business, or both.

  • Contract Review  I will explain important terms such as minimum guarantees, royalty rates, and more-- prior to your attorney's review. 

  • A copy of my book: Idea to Invention: What You Need to Know to Cash In on Your Inspiration - with over 250 pages packed with helpful information quizzes, side bars, and graphic illustrations, and references.

  • Free enrollment and lifetime access to my online tutorials consisting of 23+  videos and lesson steps





















Once you sign up and I have your email address, I'll tell you how to access the videos so you can start watching and learning straight away. I will mail you a copy of my book: Idea to Invention, and call you to say hello and set up our first Q&A (if you are ready to do so) as well.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Can you do the work for me and I will give you a percentage of my licensing or business deals?


No, my goal is to teach you how to do it yourself. I do not partner in any deals. I believe that you can do this on your own and reap all the benefits.


 I live in France, is your program appropriate for me?


 Oui -Yes, if your goal is to license your product idea it does not matter where you live. We can communicate via Skype or other online services and/or email—so the distance and time difference is not an issue whatsoever.


 I just want to ask you a quick question, I don’t need Option 2.


See OPTION 1 above.



 Does my idea have to be patented before I sign up for your program?

 No, I will show you your options. 



To proceed with this OPTION 2,


Contact me to set up a free 10 minute call/evaluation to see if I am a good fit for you and your project.






30 Day Coaching Program - U.S. residents                                                                            







            or 2 payments of $305.00








             Outside the U.S.  $600.oo



30 day money back guarantee - If at any time within the first 30 days you are not satisfied you can return the book in good condition (plus shipping) for a complete refund. I want you to be happy about this purchase.





This program is sold with the understanding that I am not an intellectual property attorney or business attorney and Nolan Brown LLC is not a law firm, submission company, or business attorney/intellectual property firm.  I am not a registered patent attorney, patent agent, or trademark attorney.  If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. I do not guarantee this program will result in a licensing deal or commercial success.



©Nolan Brown LLC, All Rights Reserved 



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