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"Thank you very much for your knowledge, enthusiasm and endless support. It was great to be able to have both you and your fabulous book as part of our learning experience!"

Erica, Honors College UMASS


"Dear Patricia, thank you so much for coming to our library. You are a great speaker and everyone in attendance was inspired by your story!"

Francisco Vargas

Youth Services Officer Long Beach Library



"Thank you so much Pat! Your help and advice have been invaluable it was a pleasure meeting and working with you!

Liz, Honors College UMASS



"Pat, we couldn't have done this without you. Your humor and positive attitude will stay with me in my future endeavors! Thank you :)

Tory S.


"Patricia Nolan-Brown was a dynamic and fascinating speaker who opened up the rather mysterious world of modern inventing. Nolan-Brown has a great command of the trademark and patent process, the challenges and opportunities presented by modern technology, and the problems facing first time inventors. Her personal story was touching, inspirational, and funny. A great speaker with a kind touch."


Meagan Parker, Cary Memorial Library



"That was the best talk about inventing/entrepreneurship  I've ever heard, and I've been to a lot of talks --thank you so much."

February 15, 2014

Michael, Inventors EXPO "Resources 2014"



"After hearing you speak I finally know what to do next. I'm so glad I attended."

Laura, Inventors EXPO "Resources 2014"



"Your enthusiasm and relatability gives me the confidence that I can do it too!" 

Rich, Inventors EXPO "Resources 2014"




“Patricia was the featured speaker at a meeting of the Inventors Association of New England. Her talk, which was rich in content and solid advice, inspired and motivated our members. She showed how to draw on the skills of others to get a product designed, manufactured, and launched. The Q and A period following her talk was one of the most vigorous we have had.” 

August 18, 2011
Robert Hausslein, President of Inventors Assoc. of New England,hired Patricia as a speaker 


“Patricia brought a great sense of practicality and a passion for innovation into the classroom. The students continually referred to her talk in subsequent classes and commented often on how insightful her talk was. It was a great pleasure to have her come to speak to the students and will encourage others to take advantage of her generosity and commitment to speaking about inventing and innovating.”

April 21, 2011
Gordon Adomdza,  Northeastern University, hired Patricia as a speaker


“I had the pleasure of working with Patricia when she volunteered to serve as one of our presenters during our inaugural Career Conference in February. Patricia provided students with guidance and career advice during our Career Advice Roundtable event. Her direct advice and insight was greatly appreciated and students found her extremely approachable. Patricia's repeated success as an inventor and entrepreneur was evidence that Framingham State students can truly direct their own futures. It was great to have her return to her alma mater and help make the Career Conference successful.”

March 15, 2011
Richard Davino, Director, Career Services and Employer Relations, Framingham State University

Patricia so kindly reached out to our office to offer her services and advice to our students about her leadership experiences and business savvy that she has honed through years of running her own businesses. She went out of her way to let me know that she would like to be a mentor to current FSU Students. She is an extremely competent and accomplished alumna. Her attendance at the Career Conference that our office sponsored at Framingham State last month, was a delight to all that attended. Her display table was full of her inventions and excitement rose as she showed FSU staff and students her various creations. I was in awe of her creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit she displayed throughout the mentor event. She was engaging and energetic. I hope to see her again at future mentor events. Our students truly benefitted from her wisdom!”

Dawn Ross. Career Services & Employer Relations Internship Coordinator, Framingham State University

"Patricia Nolan-Brown lit up our phone lines with an interview we did recently regarding the "cashing in on "aha" moments of invention...Patricia makes for a very upbeat an informative radio guest and I'd love to have her back on again in the near future...very good response from our listeners in Texas..."

Tony Hamilton, Hammer and The Wake Up Show, KIOX radio

"Fun presentation, really cool inventions and stories."

Avni Trived,

​"Patricia, is the woman of invention, forget about the father of invention. She has it going and she knows her stuff, total pro!"

James Lowe, KJAG Radio,

​"Thank you for speaking at our breakfast!
Patricia's story of "ideas turned to invention" was very interesting and brought the often awed at concept of invention into a reality that is both inspiring and motivating.  One of the biggest takeaways I got from Patricia's story was the fact that she was able to and still continues to create & sell her inventions juggling work and family - often the biggest objection people have when deciding whether to peruse their ideas and take risks - something Patricia continues to do very well!"

Evona W. Niewiadomska, Director of Marketing & Operations, WorkBar Boston


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