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Q. How did you become an inventor?
A. I could not see my newborn in her rear-facing carseat while I was driving. After realizing there was not a good solution available in stores, I invented one. All of my inventions have solved everyday problems.
Q. Have you judged formal invention events?
A. Yes, I have been on the Jury Board for businesses, universities, and prestigious international events for IFIA and KIPA.



Q. Do you have a pet?

A. Yes, I have a westie named Coconut. She inspired an invention.



Q. I have a good idea, what's the next step?

A. Execute it!
Learn how by listening to my podcast "Invent Yourself", or reading my best-sellng book: "Idea to Invention", or watching my Youtube videos, or follow me on Instagram.





Q. How many patents do you have?

A. I have 5 patents and several registered trademarks.





Q. How did you become a speaker?

A. Since my first invention I have been approached by people and groups interested in "how to invent". I am flattered by this and really enjoy inspiring and motivating others. Formal speaking events and workshops are a great way to get my message out to large groups.







Q. Are all of your stories true?
A. Yes 









An interview with Patricia Nolan-Brown by Robert Morris here 

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