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Clever, Quick & Easy!

  • The first and only dog waste bag with a convenient scoop option!
  • EASY open and seals shut - no struggle to separate the plastic bag, no knots needed!
  • Fits into your pocket or the custom Parachute Dog Carrier (sold separately.) It holds new AND used bags. Easy to see how many are inside for each walk too. 
  •                         Watch this demo video for details.                                 






U.S. Patent No. 8038188B1     

other patents pending

Parachute Dog is a registered Trademark

 Parachute Dog Waste Bags (60 pack)  -$24.99


Seals shut - no knots required

Each bag has the option of traditional pick up or scoop


EASY OPEN - no struggle

Box of 60 $24.99

Parachute Dog Waste Bag CARRIER Includes Bonus 4 waste bags!) -$19.99


Large easy-open and durable Custom Carrier - 5.5" x 3.25" clips

to dog's leash or wear it using the belt loop attachment

Holds up to 6 Parachute

Dog Waste Bags - always able to see how many you have on each walk

Sturdy bottom clips

hold the used bags

Custom Carrier 

+ 4 FREE Waste Bags



Are your bags compostable?

No, yuck please don't.

Are your bags biodegradable? PLEASE DON'T BE MISLEAD!

You may see an older version of our bags (white cardboard) while searching online, which contained the word biodegradable. We removed the word biodegradable on our new 2019 version (brown cardboard handles) because of the updated U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations.

Under U.S. labeling violations, pet waste bags cannot be labeled as “biodegradable” since the time it takes for them to break down varies depending on the landfill type. Although the FTC sent warnings to manufacturers, some companies still use the word, we will not.

We don’t know of any bag manufacturer that meets the requirements for biodegradable dog waste bags that guarantee degradation in a landfill environment within the one-year time frame required by the FTC. Also, if the bag breaks down too soon, the waste will contaminate its surrounding.

Are these bags scented?


What is your box packaging and cardboard handle made from?

All of our packaging and cardboard handles are made from recycled materials.

How should I dispose of my bag?

Bags containing poop should be disposed of in trash bins, not flushed or left on the ground. Rainfall doesn’t make dog poop disappear. It gets washed into storm drains, remains untreated and ends up in our precious waterways. Check with your local waste department.


Is this product protected or patented?

Yes. U.S. Patent No. 8038188B1 and other patents pending.

Parachute Dog is a registered trademark.

Where are these made?

Designed in the USA,  Made in China

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