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Bonjour, I'm so glad we'll meet at La Muse!  

I am tres excited for you :)



Please purchase your room by March 11, 2015.

You can click on the room name below for a description and pictures.

Room choices will be deleted once bought.


Room rates listed are for the entire week and in US Dollars.

The Workshop fee of $799 will automatically be added onto your room fee, one transaction.

Room and workshop fees are non-refundable.

I will make every attempt to fill the room and reimburse if you can't come, but no guarantees.



Calliope:  $826


Erato $599   


Clio:  $548                                                                                                                           Visit my full site here


Euterpe:  $548


Thalia:  $548


Melpomene:  $486


Urania:  $435



See you in August!


Questions? Just hit the contact button to email me.

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